Amber is the best, she worked with us to stay within our budget and took amazing pictures. You will not be disappointed! She is also well connected to other vendors in the community who are also well versed in making your day the best day of your life!

----Mackenzie G .


Amber ROCKS!!! She was willing to shoot my VERY remote wedding, on what turned out to be a VERY hot day. Lots of walking/hiking in the heat, w/ her gear; she never complained once, and if anything, managed to get all of us to smile, just when the heat was starting to feel oppressive. The work is beautiful- couldn't be happier w/ the shots. Her personality is perfect for the work she's chosen- very kind, open, and funny- and, she's great at catching the moments that most miss. Really, hire this woman, you won't be disappointed. 

----Liza Carlson

Amber delivered more than expected! She was hard at work from the beginning of my event, up to the very last minute. She was fun and easy to work with and organized. She has great ideas and makes helpful suggestions that make things run smoother. Cannot say enough good things about her and her work. It was a pleasure to hire her and I hope I will have another event in the near future, so I can use her services again

----Susan N. (mother of bride)

Amber came all the way to Lake Stevens, WA to shoot our wedding. I told her I loved details and she did an amazing job covering all the regular wedding pictures plus getting detailed shots around the wedding and really capturing the feel of or special day. She was so wonderful and upbeat to work with, she even helped wrangle wandering groomsman! I've recommended her to all my friends getting married, I'm super picky about my photos and I absolutely love her style and everything turned out beautifully! I couldn't be happier!

----Brianna S




Highly, highly recommend Amber ! She's amazing and very personable . Her and her colleague came to our location and shot our wedding and are both very sweet and encouraging . We absolutely ♡ them both as people and as awesome photographers!! 

----Wendi B.


I was planning a surprise proposal to my beautiful girlfriend Kim after a thrilling skydive at Skydive Oregon in Molalla, Oregon. At the last min, I realized that I need a photographer to capture this big day! It was the weekend before the big surprise and I did a quick google search for photographers in the area. Amber was quick to respond and her price was very reasonable. I contacted her immediately and filled her in on the details. Amber played a huge part in coordinating all our friends and teaming up with my brother to make sure everything went perfect in surprising Kim.
I knew there was a lot of things that could have gone wrong, but Amber even took time out of her day to come early in making sure everything went accordingly.
With Amber's help, our special day went perfect! To make it even better, Amber took very beautiful prints, candid and action shots. Family is very important to me and because of Amber, I have beautiful memories to share with love ones back home in hawaii. 
Thank you Amber for your beautiful pictures and bending over backwards on capturing a very special day!

---Lars V.

My husband and I both come from pretty low-key, reserved families and wanted a wedding and photos that reflected that. So maybe we weren't the most exciting group to photograph, and maybe some of the photo locations didn't have the ideal lighting or working space...Amber made it work! We so appreciate her willing attitude, consistent communication, creative ideas and flexibility, and are very, very pleased the end result of the photos capturing genuine, sweet and fun moments from our wedding day!

Amber is very easy to work with and super personable. She made us feel so comfortable when we are normally camera shy. Her work is amazing and she has an eye for backdrops that would make great photos! You won't be disappointed!
--Winnie B.



Amber did a beautiful job; she met our needs and worked with us as we did a few wedding stuff non traditionally. She was very graceful during the reception; never shoved a camera in anyone's face. She's also very relaxed, which is necessary for an event that can usually be nerve-racking/stressful. I highly recommend her, whether it be for weddings, or casual events. You won't be disappointed! 

----Meg C.





My husband and I have known amber for a few years and knee when we got engaged that she would be the one to capture our wedding day. She is very professional and takes phenomenal photos. We got every photo we wanted and more. I couldn't be more happy. I would definitely recommend her for any kind of event
---Camille E.





My husband and I absolutely loved working with Amber Hempen Photography. Amber made us feel comfortable and took the time to get to know us making sure that our personalities were reflected in the photos. The day of the wedding Amber helped us relax and made every shot a fun experience. Amber's prices were extremely reasonable and her photo's amazing!! We would definitely recommend Amber for all types of photos. Thank you so much Amber!!

--Kristen W.




Amber was AMAZING! We were having a small wedding and neither my husband nor I are real creative or artistic and really didn't know what we wanted in our pictures. We met with Amber twice before the big and let her have total artistic freedom. She was very flexible (as we had a large change in location and size of the wedding a few months before the big day) and easily adapted up to the day of the wedding. Our ceremony was going to be outside if nice, and on a covered porch if raining. She was very go with the flow. She was so much fun to work with, and I LOVE the pictures that we got. I would recommend her with the highest of ratings.

--Suzi S


Amber is amazing! She took command on the day of the wedding and made sure we got all the shots we wanted. The rain didn't slow her down at all! She was constantly coming up with brilliant ideas and her photos were truly original. Amber is super responsive and reliable. I would suggest her to anyone!

---Nicole K.



Loveeeeed her! She was so patient and kind! We hired Amber to do our wedding ceremony which was super small. She was so calming and she gave me the confidence I was lacking as far as our pics! I will use her again and would recommend her!

---Hannahya G.





Amber was fantastic. So fun to work with even with a hard group to keep focused. It was a wonderful day and I love the moments she captured. I can't wait to see the rest. It will be hard to wait but she is a busy gal because she is so good. Thank you so much Amber for everything. You really put me at ease the day of my wedding!

---Rashel G.