Its a girl, a surprise wedding and Valentine's day 2016

One year ago today, my sister Melissa and her boyfriend Alec had a gender reveal photoshoot. See my sister and Alec decided to have a gender reveal party on Valentines day but really be a surprise WEDDING! We put the whole thing together in under 2 weeks, did the reveal photoshoot on the 13th (I had a wedding that day too, so had to go home and edit photos very quick so we could have printed for the party/wedding on the 14th)

The gender reveal was so much fun! I was the only person who knew what sex the baby was (man people tried to get it out of me but i kept my mouth shut) We had balloons with confetti and my friend zak shot them with pellet gun so they could be surprised. (Alec could not figured it out at first he thought it was green) When Melissa figured out it was a girl she was so excited, while Alec still thinking it was green was confused LOL.

The reveal (wedding) plan was to meet at a local bar, mingle then pop balloons with the confetti (pink for girl and blue for boy) BUT instead my sister put white wedding confetti and as soon as everyone finished popping the balloons we went right into a surprise elopement. It was the best moment ever seeing Alec's mom Iris freak out with excitement. I love this day so much as I love surprises and I also love my sister. I am so lucky she lets me get creative and have fun. 

After the wedding we went in and found out that they were having a little girl. This day was jam packed with so much excitement, and if you know my sister this really was the perfect day!