Kevin & Rachel Chapel Wedding

Last month I had the pleasure of capturing this amazing cute wedding at The Hubbard Chapel. It was a small service with close family & friends who had a great time watching two people in love exchange vows. They had a lot of smiles, laugh's,  hugs and even the shoe game! I just loved this churches stained glass window as its was a rain filled December wedding. This bride had an amazing group of friends & family who helped her dream day come true with many personal touches, from the flowers to the cake. I wish you two a life time of happiness!!! Hubbard-1 Hubbard-2 Hubbard-3 Hubbard-4 Hubbard-5 Hubbard-6 Hubbard-7 Hubbard-8 kiss-2Hubbard-9 Hubbard-10 Hubbard-11 Hubbard-12 Hubbard-13 Hubbard-14 Hubbard-15 Hubbard-16 Hubbard-17 Hubbard-18 Hubbard-19 Hubbard-20