Helping make a Big change

This past year I was able to help a great cause by doing something I love (take photos). I captured two events for The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation, the first one was the 2014 Flip Flops and Lemon Drops which was in Amy Roloff's home. When I first arrived I was a little intimidated, I mean I was about to capture photos for someone who I've watched on Television for that past few years. Once I arrived I was greeted by the most amazing volunteers and Amy who is so down to earth and sweet. They offered me drinks and food while talking about what was going to happen. I noticed that all the Volunteers had been doing this for a few years and had fun with it. I love had much fun the event was, the guest were some of the who's who of Portland and they were also so nice. I did not feel like the help but more of a guest. I loved how we all mingled and had fun. The best part of this fun day was I got to learn about Amy's cause which is super amazing. I was bullied in school and it hurt, I remember in middle school being made fun of and no one cared. Her program Little Steps... Big change is about helping kids at a younger age get the tools they need. "ARCF is proud to launch a new comprehensive program designed to improve the emotional, social and academic lives of school-age children, including our very own. “little steps…BIG CHANGE” is a curriculum-based program built upon four principles: Acceptance, Respect, Compassion and Freedom. It addresses the multiple causes of relational aggression, bullying, relationship violence, harassment and social isolation with the goal of getting children back to the business of playing, learning and living." (from

When I was asked if i would work with a team of other photographers to capture the ARCF 2014 Staryy Nights event I jumped at another change to help this amazing cause.  It was a 1980's themed dinner and auction. Again everyone was so nice, I worked with an amazing team of volunteers who had fun! Amy was so kind and fun to work with, she brought a positive energy to both events and I think her kindness & realness is why we keep coming back to help! Here is a photo by Rick Smith Photography of the Volunteers (im in the back, see if you can find me :)

V If you would like to know more about Amy's charity you check out her website:

This experience has made me want to use my talents to help out more charities as i got to meet some amazing people, help out a great cause and have fun!

Now to see some fun photos (photos by Amber Hempen Photography) (check out the 2014 Auction photos, I took some of them with a great team( RIck Smith, Mitch Ward and Terri Mckee)