Pink Cake Smash

I LOVE 1 year old cake smashes! I just LOVE them! I have to say capture them is right up with weddings in my book. It's crazy how fast kids grow and being able to capture some fun photos at 1 year's old is just the best! Kylie was super fun, cute and her sister was such a big help to get her to eat that cake!! It was super cute at the end of this shoot a man with a pig came by and the little pig ate the frosting off the ground (wish i would of gotten a photo of that) Color-10 Color-14 Color-16 Color-17 Color-18 Color-19 Color-20  Color-22 Color-23 Color-24 Color-25 Color-26 Color-27 Color-28 Color-31 Color-35 Color-36 Color-37Color-40