Baby's Baptism Celebration

Preview-8 Preview-2 Preview-3 Preview-4 Preview-7 Preview-6 Preview-5 Preview-9 Preview-10 Preview-12 Preview-13 Preview-14 Preview-15 Preview-16 Preview-17 Preview-18 Preview-19 Preview-20 Preview-21 Preview-22 Preview-23 Preview-24 Preview-28 Preview-26 Preview-25 Preview-29 Preview-30 Preview-31 Preview-32 Preview-36 Preview-40 Preview-39 Preview-38 Preview-37 Preview-33 Preview-34 Preview-35 Preview-41 Preview-42 Preview-43 Preview-44Last week I had the joy of being to capture 3 cute little baby's Baptisms. It was such a joy to be invited to both of these families special day to capture such a milestone in each of these baby's life's. Baptisms are something I am really enjoying capturing as they are a special day that I know people will look back and cherish for generations. I was not a member of this church but everyone was so respectful and welcoming to me which makes me love my job. I think it's amazing that these cousins could celebrate this special day together. It was such a joy to watch these babies welcome the lord.