The Great Gatsby Inspired wedding Shoot

I have always loved the vintage era but my favorite has always been the 1920′s! When I saw the Great Gatsby in the theater with my friend and fellow photographer Lindsey, I felt like the movie inspired me to dream. I have to admit that I am a HUGE fan of Baz Luhrmann, his movies are some of my favorites and I love how he tells a story. In high school I went to see 'The Tonight Show', Nicole Kidman was a guest who brought BazLuhmann with her (I was about 20 feet from him, which was a dream come true!!).Fast forward to this June, I wanted to do something epic for my 29th birthday so I posted on Facebook that I wanted to do an interesting little wedding shoot. With this posting I had gotten such a great reply from other local wedding vendors and people that wanted to help. What started with a bride model, I ended up with an AMAZING team of wedding vendors from just a design. By June 30th, I had a real life Husband and Wife as models, a super sexy tux, an amazing hair & make up person, a venue that was to die for, flowers that screamed classy, a whole set design by a super talented design team, a cake that looked right out of The Great Gatsby movie, and THE CAR (that car brought the whole shoot together). I just loved looking at the car and taking photos of it!! I also had a few great friends that helped with being my assistants.  It was so hot out. I was so sun burned and dehydrated that by the end of the night I just laid in the field thinking…THIS WAS THE  MOST EPIC SHOOT! I have to say this shoot was not just about being creative and making magic, it was about networking and team work. I would not of been able to capture these photos without the hard work of my team.

Location was at Clackamas River Farm

Design & buffet by NYLEN Designs & Events

Hair & make up by Cassie Beadle

Tux by Mr. Formal

Cake by

Bride flowers by Amanda's Wedding Shoppe

Models are Lindsey Rose and Mitch Hemming

Assistants were Maurice Johnson & Dave Taira

Special Thank you to East Fork Country Estate for helping with the car!