Jessica & Rob's Elopement

It was a normal day for me, editing at my moms house (less distractions) & my mother asked me to be a whiteness for a wedding that was happening in a few hours, I agreed sure :) (my mother is an ordain minister and does weddings at her home once in a while) When the couple arrived my mom asked me to take a few photos for them and i agreed, ( I mean I Love weddings & I was already going to be attending :) I just meet the couple but they were super sweet & Rob kept playing with my dogs so I knew they were good people (something about dog people being Great people, oh ok and people who love cats are good people just a little crazy..Heheh) So after the short ceremony we parted ways but It was great knowing I did something good, I captured memories for two people so very in love! Jessica looked amazing & Rob like a true gentleman! Congrats on your Wedding and may your life be filled with Happiness! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage